tuesday truths...

i am aware of how fast
life is rushing past me
and somedays
{a lot of days}
i feel like i am just caught up in it's current
of to-do lists
and doctor's appointments,
and phone calls from the school,
meeting times,
answering emails,
missed phone calls...
running to catch up
feeling like i am constantly
falling behind.

and realizing this has become a sad refrain
here...the same story told
just using different words.

so in the last couple of days
when i found time to sit and watch
12-almost-13 show me {countless} videos on minecraft...
when i listened to 17's storys about boys and school
and tried to just listen and not interject...
when i realized that suddenly
almost by mistake
we were all sitting on the couch again
watching america's funniest home videos
like we used to every sunday,
i just try to slow that moment down
and breathe it in...
cautiously, slowly, not to disturb, not to cause notice...
but just to give me something to hold onto
when i am caught up in the current...