stream of conciousness

i attended the first of hopefully many sessions with a new writing group
even though i had a pounding headache
a 45 minute drive both ways

it was still amazing.

you know that feeling when you feel "got" by other people.

i had that feeling.

one of the exercises was stream of consciousness using a single word
given to you by the person on your right...
with a one minute time limit.

mine was steady.

"Do you want to go steady?" she said.
I turned towards her with surprise on my face.
"Steady?" I said.  "Steady as in date exclusively,
as in you will be my one and only,
my shot in the dark, my penguin?  Steady?
Do penguins go steady do you think?  I wish
I knew more about the mating habits of penguins..."
I looked at her.
She looked away.
"Never mind", she said.