checking in with myself...

it is saturday again...
10 at night and i am still in pajamas
with hair crammed into a messy bun
with wooly socks on and my husband's hoodie...
the house is clean
and smells of pine-sol and apple cinnamon spray
mingling with laundry detergent...

a synopsis of my week:

READING:  still with game of thrones...i'm reading feast for crows right now and as i
get closer to end, i feel a small sense of panic because i'm coming to the end...i don't
want to buy the hardcover...but i also don't want to wait...i may need to give in and
get the is suuuuuuuch a good series.

EATING:  i am trying to eat track what i am be healthier...
but this week and i can feel the slide...i want diet pop in the morning again...i want a muffin...
i want chips...but for a bit i was on this lemon/garlic/olive oil in a salad kick and it was
fantastic...i need lunch food that i am excited about.  things i WANT to eat...

WRITING:  i met with my writing group thursday night and it was was only our 
second time meeting and the first time, i had a blistering headache...but not this time.  and it was so 
great....i love hearing what the others have come up with and i love feeling that there really are 
connections there...and it has given me a lot to think about in terms of my own writing...oh...and 
i realized that joining a writing group was on my Mondo Beyondo list....and that i could cross it off!!!

COVETING:  still on the writing theme, i really, really want a laptop...just for writing...
but wondering if i can get away with getting a keyboard for my ipad instead.

  • wearing my new purple docs to work...and my winter hat with a skull & cross bones on it 
  • {dressing more and more like me every day}
  • asking a question by email that i was really nervous to ask
  • sharing what i wrote with the writing group
  • chairing a meeting  
PHOTOGRAPHY:  taking a photo a day even though i am not posting them regularly and sometimes
they are just random quick shots of whatever is closest because i forgot and now i've just got to get it done.
but planning on working on more of Liz Lamoreux's Inner Excavation and thinking about a theme and a 
timeframe (something other than the 365 days)...

LISTENING:  missy higgins, big wreck, 8 tracks...