making a decision...

it is no secret
that i adore
liz lamoreux
{with almost stalker-like proportions of adoration...but anyway.}
when looking for a word for 2013
she suggested the prompt of "2013 was the year I..."
which i did
and this is a bit of what i found::

~2013 was the year that i wrote.  it was the year that i published at least one thing.  it was the year that i committed to writing.  that i took it seriously.  that i admitted out loud that i am writer--regardless of proportion.  it was the year that i really tried.  it was the year that i stopped stalling.

~2013 was the year that i felt best about myself.  that i stopped hiding behind pajama pants and baggy shirts.  that i committed to eating better.  to using the gym membership and being ok with looking out of place and feeling uncomfortable in the gym.

~2013 was the i lived with intention regarding my family...that i listened and really heard...that i made time...that i remembered how quickly things can change.  it was the year i let go of preconceived expectations and just loved them for them...not the school's opinion, the public's opinion, other family members' opinions--just for who i know them to be.

~2013 was the year i pushed myself to be more social, the year i pushed myself out of my hermit hole.

~2013 was the year we addressed our money issues head on and stopped hiding our heads in the sand.

~2013 was the year we seriously considered what would be necessary to make our dream of living in the country come true.

~2013 was the year that i dressed like me again.

~2013 was the year that i did an art show at a new venue.

and in the end, it became apparent that brave would work for me...
which had been in the back of my mind but this list really helped confirm it for me.
it just feels right.