friday i'm in love....

Can't wait for extra hour of daylight...., originally uploaded by gkgirl.

::::with daylight savings time happening this weekend.  
i need that extra hour of daylight.
winter is sucking the life out of my bones.

::::i finally broke down and tried instagram AND can find me as gkgirl70 on either one
and instant. 

:::::i desperately want one of these...i watched the video and drooled.  
literally.  drooled.  like a baby.  

:::::with meeting up with an old friend 
for coffee at my favorite local coffee shop
where they played damian rice
in the background...
and she let me vent about the my recent diagnosis of ADD
by my son's guidance counsellor...
yes, you read that right.
MY diagnosis...not my son's...mine.
{for the record, i have NEVER been told i might be ADD or ADHD...
my grade one teacher may have said that i should see a psychologist
but that was it.  hmmmph.}

:::::a sweet tweet (is that what i call them...tweets?)
(i have not wrapped my head around all of this yet)
directed at me that made me smile