little bits of saturday sweetness and strains of melancholy

today i slept in...

really late.

and i can't seem to shake this melancholy feeling
of just letting the day
pass me by
while listening to
this {i will never tire of damian rice)
eating cold cereal

{remembering mismatched dreams of fighting and fears
and unexpected flashes of tenderness...}

i have to go to yoga in an hour
and out to supper in two hours

i just can't seem to get myself going.

instead i get lost in videos like this
soulpancake ball pit on the street
and wonder what my answers would be,
if i had the courage to get in the pit in the first place.

and absorbed in freckles

and wishing i had time to go find the canada geese

i'm a little lost today.
quiet and quiet...inside and out.