today, i am here.
i am present in this spot...
rooted into my own being.
solid and centered.

yesterday was an extra day off
spent cleaning the house
and catching up on blogs
and drooling over this guy's amazing work.
the lighting, oh, the lighting.
i am starstruck...
{and have to add, that when i flickr-mailed him
a question about lighting, he responded back with
a wealth of information and links and i am always amazed
at how giving other photographers are of information
and is so fantastic.}

speaking of lighting...this is another guy who
does some amazing stuff that always makes me
stare at his photos for a long time
trying to figure out the logistics of the lighting...

{it's not hard to tell the days are getting longer...
all i can talk about revolves around photography...
just ask my husband...} i have decided that i want/need/would love to have:

 but i did pick up this yesterday...
a new external hard drive
so that i can start the "great photo cull" before
the weddings of 2013 start...

and in a bit of a related note, i have finally gotten on board with instagram
and am loving that it allows me to creative
in the moment...
which i need...
i find i get so worried about my "work" camera
that i don't want to use it for every day...
but my cell phone is always handy.
{which leads me to another want...i am very want-y today}

and because i feel like all i have done here is talk about
things i want
here is something that i had...that i loved...