may photo-a-day 8 {senses}

i am doing a photo-a-day for may...with themes...a word a day, to interpret how you want.
we were a little late starting off so i just posted a photo a day
with no theme
but now, we have themes!! 

today's word was sense...and i was so excited to start that i couldn't stop at just one...
:)  and i just kept thinking about spring
and how it awakens your senses...the smells, the tastes, the textures and touches...
i am loving the warmer weather.

if you want to play along, here are the themes/words for may (number corresponds with date)
8)sense 9) wood 10) reflect 11) fray 12) sentiment 13) calm 14) staged 15) thought 16) bathe 17) soul 18) salt 19) night 20) archetype 21) digest 22) precise 23) undulate 24) indulge 25) oil 26) capricious 27) your name here 28) long 29) ravel 30) soar and 31) B&W self-portraits

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