may photo-a-day::seventeen {soul}


i thought i had a hard time with bathe.
stopped me
dead in my tracks.

what do i know about soul.

i, who hides my head and sticks my fingers deep in my ears
should anyone talk about spiritualism, religion, afterlife, soul, heaven.
i, who chooses to ignore rather than consider.
i, a lapsed catholic, cynical and irate with the politics and judgement
of the religion i grew up in, the religion that was thrust upon me halfheartedly,
a religion that made me feel bad about myself, question my integrity,
filled me with guilt and answered none of my questions while expecting my
devout belief and faith.

what do i know about soul.

i am pragmatic and logistical, systematic and a realist.

what do i know about soul.

i don't do well with the abstract.

what i do know is that sometimes
when i am outside
and a flock of birds takes off
right over me,
i lose my breath for a split second
and i forget where i am
and i just stand there
and pulsing with an awareness
i can't

but soul?  what do i know about soul.

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