the second of june....

and suddenly,
it is a new month.

my husband's surgery is over
and he is recovering much quicker than the last one.
this time we knew what to expect
and this time,
it was only one knee
instead of two knees, a femur and an ankle
along with a dislocated hip
and a broken rib.

i am grateful to be home
and i think that this surgery has been weighing
heavily on me for some time now...
we had been waiting for it since January
and I think it was taking more of a toll on me
than i realized.

and now that it is over and we are in the recovery phase
i feel like i can start moving forward again,
start getting things done.

and it's a good feeling.

{i know i did not finish my may photo-a-day project
but i think that i will still do that by carrying over the themes into this month...
just to say i finished it.}