things that i learned in june...

  • expensive (and i use the term expensive lightly here because i am cheap, therefore, my expensive could be another person's cheap...but still)  expensive underwear...totally worth the splurge.
  • tomato plants on the deck make me enormously happy

  • that some days your body just says "that's enough" and shuts down for the day (or two) with a very cranky headache
  • that i absolutely love berries in a salad
  • that it is good to say yes (yes to driving an hour away to see the skydiggers play even though you are shooting a wedding the next day...yes, yes, yes!)
  •  that i couldn't be normal in a photo no matter how hard i try...and maybe that is it...i try too hard.  evidenced in the skydigger photos above in which i am both very perplexed and then very freaked out.  but that's ok.  see next point.
  • that you should never assume what people think of you...and when you do find out what someone thinks of you...try not to take it the wrong way....take it in the way that you know that it was meant...that you are quirky.  and that's ok. probably are quirky.  Which is not the worst thing you can be
  • i don't have any more points but i can't figure out how to erase this last bullet.

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    even if it is now the middle of july...