7:30 on a sunday night

the pug is sleeping in the basket beside me
one boy upstairs playing minecraft
the bigger one behind me doing homework
my girl finished her shift at work and is
hanging out at the boyfriend's...
classical music plays on 8 tracks
{is it weird that i am so drawn by the titles and the photos they choose
before i even look at the music they have listed}
the weekend is ending.

i'm not really ready.

i didn't do laundry.
but we made lasagna
and ate it with salads
that had perfect blackberries
and slivered almonds.

i didn't finish everything on my to do list
but i did finish one book
and started another...
i could not put it down.
i read til 1 am.

we watched movies
and talked about making salads in jars.
we visited my brother
i texted my mother.

it was warm enough out
to put on my daughter's leggings
and my son's orange hoodie
with my pink and purple rubber boots
(i am a fashion statement at the best of times)
and walk around a block (or 3)
with the pug.

it was a good weekend.
i'm not ready for it to end.