friday i'm in love...

in point form:

  • a coffee date tomorrow
  • less-than-freezing temps
  • the idea of slow cooker apple cinnamon oatmeal
  • both kids home for supper tonight
  • the dog sleeping tucked in behind me on the computer chair
  • mom phoned and said she liked the vine i made for her birthday "your father laughed and laughed and laughed"
  • blackberries and sunflower seeds in my salad
  • sunshine
  • this blog post...especially the advice from her father
  • a shirt dress that has been in my closet for months cause i never knew what to wear with it...paired with leggings and boots today...made me feel happy...
  • amazing...breathtaking
  • finding tons and tons of yoga inspiration on Pinterest
  • and speaking of Pinterest...oh...i NEEEEEED these.
  • a sweet, sweet comment left by one of my favorite bloggers....thank you bridget!  xo

    and i am really not sure what is going on in these photos...except that i think they are funny...:)
Happy last day of January...we're getting there!