I have been taking a photo-a-day
since Jan 1
with no expectations on myself.

They do not have to be perfect,
they do not even have to be pretty...
they just have to be a quick snapshot of my day,
a moment where i stop
and notice what is going on around me.

It has been a good exercise for me so far...
here are some of the recent snaps...

 i like that i have been using my phone
(which is always on me)
and using instagram
but i kind of regret that i started putting them on facebook
from the start.
because...i censor myself on facebook a little more than i do
on instagram and much more than i do here.
i feel like if you are on instagram,
you get it.
i feel more...judged...on facebook...
i am not sure why that it is,
it is.
it is what it is.
and maybe because i know that this little blog is not overly read
and not by many that i actually "know"...
maybe that's the difference.

either way, i am enjoying the project so far...