year of the avid reader::book two {i'm on a roll!}

i have been
wanting to read this book
ever since i watched a trailer for it
a couple of years ago

i kept writing the title down
and thinking about it
and considering and waiting

(i hate to pay for hardcovers
when i really know nothing about the author)
but then i got a gift card for christmas

and i knew right away
what i was getting.

and i loved it.

i loved it.

i loved it.

i could not put it down, i blew through it in days.

so beautifully written.

like poetry but in a story that carries you along
and makes you wonder
what is going to happen next.

the characters stick in your head...
even after the story stops.

that's the kind of book i love.

and i had thought that this was grace mccleen's first book,
her only book...but i was wrong...there ARE MORE!
loooooooook at that website

oh...i am totally crushing on this author.

seriously...go check her out...
you will not be disappointed!

next up:

Adult Onset
by Anne Marie MacDonald

(and as
Fall on your Knees
is one of my top five absolute
favorite books, i have really really really high hopes for
this one!)