friday i'm in love...

the sun is shining
the snow is melting
and it's friday
what is not to love

what else i am loving right now:

  • this. cute is that!  :)
  • happy belated birthday to this girl...i know i am late to the party (her birthday was in FEBRUARY for crying out loud) but i still have to say how much i love this girl's words and images. 
  • i found this song and fell in love...and then i forgot about it somehow...and then i found it again and fell in love ALL over again.  and watch the video.  for the love of all that is sweet and whimsical, WATCH the video.  sigh.
  • i haven't forgotten that it is still poetry month...and i know i already shared one by neil gaiman...but this.  oh this.  this has to be shared as well.
  • i started reading this list...and then clicked on a link...and got caught up in it...and clicked on another link...and by end of it i was overwhelmed by have i NOT read this book yet!?!  can you explain this to me.
  • i have become addicted to solar powered toys...from the dollar store...but if you have going to have an addiction, i think this is a pretty sweet one to have...i even started a pinterest page for them :)