Why I loved friday...

I had work-lunch yesterday with a best friend. ..

came home at 3:30 & went for a walk...everything was so pretty...green grass, flowers, brilliant blue sky...it was like seeing the world through a view-master...
sharp and crisp and utterly vivid.

As I walked, I realized the "olde-fashioned carnival" was today..but I was dressed for walking and so I went home.

I jokingly said to my 15 year old son and his friend 
"we should go to the olde fashioned carnival"
expecting them to say "not likely".
It was Friday night after all...and they are 15 after all...

but they said yes.
and even when I said "we might have to walk cause I don't know where to park"...
15 said..."it's nice out anyway...why would we take the car".

so we took the pug and went to the olde fashioned carnival
where it was a nickel a game
and we got our fill of hotdogs, lemonade and caramel dipped apples.
(and can i just say, i never thought of using caramel sundae sauce to dip apple slices...so good!)

we ran into some friends and family...
pugsley was a total star
(and he also managed to eat popcorn, apple slices and a RANDOM HARD BOILED EGG...including the shell)

the funny thing is...i don't think they have any idea
how much it meant to me
that they so easily said yes to hanging out with me on a friday night...
but...every time i think about it, i have to smile.
it's a good feeling.