i would like to fly a CF-18...pretty please....

the air atlantic show is coming to PEI.
because i have:
zero dignity
and an unhealthy love of loud airplanes
i thought it might be a good idea
to email their PR group
to see if they might consider me as
{and yes, i am aware that i am not media...but...i like social media....a lot...
shouldn't that count for something???}
so i wrote this letter:


Hi there!

I know this is probably a stab in the dark...a sad hope about to be dashed...a futile attempt...but if I don't try, I will never know, will I?  All I have to lose is a little shred of dignity.... :)

Now that I have built up the over-dramatic intro, let me explain why I am bothering you :)  I am a huge fan of your airshow.  Huge.  I go every year that I can.  And the years I can't go, I whine and complain and kick things. 

I AM going this year....I have no weddings booked ( I am a wedding photographer as well as a blogger) SPECIFICALLY for that reason.  :)  As I was on your website today checking out prices, I noticed your media package.  Technically, I am not media per se UNLESS  you count social media which I am very good at.

So...here is my shot in the dark offer...if you took me for a flight...even just a short one, even just a 2.5 minute flyby...any little thing...I would write about it...heck...who are we kidding...I would RAVE about it on my photography facebook page (roughly 4500 fans and growing), my own Facebook (roughly 1000), my website, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  I would lead up to it.  I would be funny.  I am a little quirky and a little odd but people tell me I am kind of likeable.  :)

Anyhow, if you want to check out my stuff you can find me at:

Arlene Giddings Photography on Facebook


@gkgirl70 twitter handle :)

I would lead up to it for days!
I would link, tweet, post, tag, pin, blog, hash tag,  instagram my heart out. 

Anyhow....just throwing it out there...and in case you ever wondered...it IS incredibly hard to type with your fingers crossed. 

Thanks for your time!!
Arlene Giddings


they said no...
but they said it in the nicest sweetest way possible....
in short, they nicely explained that there are only a limited number of media passes
which, although they love bloggers, there aren't enough flights so they
have to go to accredited media outlets (radio, tv, newspaper)...

i messaged back to tell them thank you for letting me down nicely...
but also added this:

It is totally ok!  I appreciate you taking the time to respond though (& to let me down so gently)!  However, if anyone backs out at the last second...I am always prepared!

(And is it wrong that I read your answer as   " if you want a flight, you should start badgering local media outlets to hire you as a reporter" ?)  :)  :)  :)

So...Journal Pioneer...CBC....Spud FM....anybody want to send me up in a plane on their behalf?  huh?  maybe? 

{did i mention my zero dignity?  cause that's important to note.}