licking my wounds

there is nothing like
doing something you think your nine year daughter
is going to be impressed with
only to hear
"i don't want to hurt your feelings
and wrestling with my own feelings of
i want you to wear your hair like this
to feelings of "but i don't want you to do it just cause i want you to,
i want you to like it"
and having to take it out and put in braid because
that is ALL she will wear it in
even tho it is a music festival today that she is performing in

but then on the same hand
there is nothing as sweet
as the hug
your nine year old daughter
comes in to give you
to make up for "hurting your feelings"
and tells you that you can put it back in her hair
if you really want to
to which you can graciously decline
telling her the truth
she looks sweet and beautiful
no matter what you do with her hair....