the perils of watching dr phil...who knew?

a conversation caught between daddy and son:

son "rotten fish is a bad word"
dad "no...its not"
son (very earnest and serious) "yes it is...its a bad word"
dad (very puzzled and also serious) "no...its not"
son (getting upset) "YES it is"
dad (exasperated) "who told you that?"
son "mommy"

to which i was completely puzzled (being the mommy in question)
and said "no...i didn't tell you that"
and he said "remember when i saw dr phil..."

sudden flashback
to a couple of nights ago
while i guiltily snuck in a little dr phil watching
and bighead happened to wander thru the living room
just as one woman called the other woman
nasty bitch...

nasty bitch/rotten fish...close enough