creepy in a hitchcockian-the-birds kinda way

i'm at the computer
which is nowhere near a window
and can hear this strange chittering schreeching kinda noise
so i go to see if the kids are doing something
but they are not
so i go to the patio door
where the sound intensifies
and then i see at least 6 big black birds attacking each other on the ground
and one huge bird takes off with a mouse or something
and the others follow
attacking and screaming
and this goes on
all the way around the house
with the big bird landing and the others attacking
and then they all take off again
swooping and diving
and scaring the bejesus out of me
even tho i'm safe in the house....

my mother once called my father at work
and told him to come home
because the tree outside the window was
full of birds
and she was scared
and i laughed at her
i'm not the one laughing now