things not to say at the hairdressers...

my daughter has been growing her hair since grade one
she is now in her final month of grade four
and last night when i asked my mop-topped son if he wanted to get a haircut
emma said what about me?
surprised, i asked her if she wanted to and she said yes
so i immediately took advantage of situation
envisioning mornings of tangle/stress-free-school-preparation

went thru a magazine to get an idea of what she wanted
and she
chose a very punkish short and razored in the back, long uneven pieces in the front
type of cut
and off we went to the hairdresser...

emma wanted me to come back to the chair with her
so i took campbell with me and we sat in the next chair while
emma got her hair was waist length so it took awhile

suddenly emma looks over at me
and brightly says, "well, mom...we won't have to worry about lice anymore"
heh heh
i was very quick to point out to her
and to everyone within listening distance
that yes, that is true, and ALSO she was really lucky NOT to have gotten lice
considering alot of children in her class HAVE had it but she was lucky NOT to
have gotten it...
all i could think was that the hairdresser was probably thinking is this why they are
here getting waist length hair cut off so short????
and to make matter worse
or funnier
depending on which side of the audience you are on
picture this conversation happening with my 5 year old boy
sitting on my knee
covered in a rash and calamine lotion
good god
i have become my mother...