glass of diet coke with a dash of empowerment

just found letters that i wrote to
a couple of ex's
years and years and years ago

you know the letters
full of
and forgive me
and sorry
and what did i do
and what can i do

the kind of letter that kinda makes you wince when you read it
and wonder who the hell was that girl
because she certainly wasn't me

you didn't write that kind of letter
heh heh

so anyway

i just found them
and tore them into little teeny tiny pieces
why do i need to be reminded of my pathetic-ness
i also found similar letters from ex's
putting me on the other side of pathetic
i kept them
heh heh...
mostly when i read them i get a "yeah, f*&# you" feeling
that feels pretty good

i'm happy where i'm at
in life right now