shoeboxes and good advice

my 9 year old well intentioned daughter emma
just made a shoebox advice column with her freind jessica...
at first i was a little worried that their enthusiam
would soon turn to disappointment
when it didn't get the responses they were banking on
i am happy to say
that i was SO wrong...

emma brought home the box yesterday
with at least 15
touching, sad or amusing questions
from different people in her class
ranging from
"my question is it too cold out?"
"nobody likes me"
and in between
"i want a dog, how do i get one?"
i am very curious to see what kind of answers the "bratz girls"
as they have named themselves
will come up with...

reading the questions
brought back all that elementary school feelings
of worry and anxiety and why does this girl play with me today
but giggle about me tomorrow
and is that note that they are passing around about me
and what if i ask to go to the bathroom, will i get yelled at...

i was a very anxious child
i wish someone had started an shoebox-advice column then
heh heh