screaming mimis...

wednesday has certainly sucked.

i won't go into detail
of the screaming, wailing, runny-nosed,
toy-grabbing, standing-on-the-couch,
stubborn, tongue-sticking-out, refusing-
to-eat, stinky pampered kind of morning
that i had
but suffice to say
that when the neighbor brought the dog back
(oh yes,
did i mention, the dog also ran away in the midst
of this hellish morning and i didn't notice)
so when the neighbor brought the dog back
and i dragged the dog in the house by the rope
that it actually took with it when it ran away...
(the whole rope was still attached to his collar...)
so when i dragged the dog in by the rope
he was attached to
while holding a baby in the middle of a bottle
and listening to two children screaming their way
into the world book of records
i considered what else could be done with that rope...
how tight would i have to tie it...
what could i jump from...


no really....
it wasn't that bad...
i'm a bit melodramatic

i love them all...
even when they are screaming
and fluid is dripping from their
collective noses
onto my couch
and the baby spits up across the length
of the living room...
i just write like this
to keep my sanity...
if you can't laugh at it,
then whats the point of doing it?