eek. i'm it?

knitandpurrlgrrl has tagged me to do this
here goes...

4 jobs i have held before?
manager of a record store
manager of a tacky t-shirt and jewellry store
hostess manager of mcdonalds restaurant
manager of a bookstore

4 movies i could watch over and over?
school of rock
green card
reality bites
dirty dancing

4 places i have lived?
and here
and here
oh...and here.

4 tv shows i watch?
the apprentice when it is on
the amazing race when it is on
happy days on tvland
play with me sesame street

4 vacations i have taken?
cabot trail in cape breton
new york
south carolina

4 websites i visit every day?
all of the ones on the side panel...
probably 2-3 times a day...

4 favorites foods?
grilled chicken salad from Big Burger
chicken stirfrys
toasted tomato sandwiches
oatmeal crisp cereal

4 places i'd rather be?
nowhere really..i'm a big homebody
but i would sooner be doing anything
than my current job...does that count?
the library

4 bloggers i am tagging?
i don't know...i've seen this on alot of blogs already
and hate to tag anyone who has already been it...
although i don't think i've seen
or manica do it yet
there ya go...
but just if ya wanna...
i exert no pressure