better late than never...

while i was taking my course
in early childhood care and education
i had four instructors over the course of two years
that have made a great impact on my life today.

i don't think they have even an inkling
of how often they cross my mind in the run
of a day...what would they do in this situation?
what was it they said about this kind of behaviour?
would they be proud of what i have accomplished
or would they think (as i sometimes do)
that i have more to offer
but i am only offering what is expected of me?

when i did my creative heroes for artists way,
they played strong roles.
they made it very clear in my two years there
that they beleived in me, in my potential,
my capabilities, my creativity, my intelligence...
and they challenged me to look deeper inside myself
even though i swore i already knew all there was to know
about the person that is me.

at graduation, one of them told me that they
expected to see a children's book by me
about a princess that wears camoflage
and "kicks ass"
that has become a strong "pick-me-up" tape
playing in my head...

i was reminded the other day
by one of them
of the concept of "throwing it out to the universe"
because of that gentle reminder
and the influence of this list,
here is mine
thrown out the universe, to do with it, what it will...

"eventually" (a life list of goals)
1. learn to play one basic song on a guitar
2. knit a sweater
3. crochet a blanket
4. finish knitting six's blanket
5. skydive
6. go to a sarah mclachlan concert
7. write a story
8. crochet a beaded necklace out of wire
9. get my driver's license
10. bake a cake from scratch
11. sew an apron
12. build something out of wood
13. go to disneyworld
14. go horseback riding
15. make my own paper
16. knit a pair of pippi longstocking socks
17. paint a picture with oil paint
18. read all of the lemony snicket books
19. learn how to burn my own cds
20. make a loaf of bread
21. plant a vegetable garden
22. plan and plant a flower garden
23. learn how to make stained glass
24. make a quilt
25. learn how to hook a rug
26. make a new recipe once a week
27. mail a "real" letter, at least once a week

i reserve the right to add to this list as i see fit...