mmmmm...books :)

books that i have read and loved at some point in my life:

anne of green gables

fall on your knees-- anne marie macdonald (if you read
nothing else on this list, make sure
you read this one at
will thank me, i promise...)

the way the crow flies-- anne marie macdonald
the piano mans daughter-- timothy findley
elephant winter-- kim echlin
alias grace margaret-- atwood
the book of ruth-- jane hamilton
bridge to terabithia-- katherine paterson (young adult
but...well...just read it)
the rapture of canaan-- sheri reynolds
away-- jane urqhart
startdust-- neil gaiman
about a boy-- nick hornby
canadian living-- peter gzowski
from bruised fell-- jane findlay young
kits law-- donna morrisey
island-- alistair macleod

i thought about putting links to each of these,
but holy...that seems like a lot of work
and my hands are cold
and i only have a limited amount of time
before the rugrats stir from their slumber,
so...i may not get them linked...
i will link my totally-favorite-you-HAVE-to-read
ones, ok?
maybe...if the kids don't wake up...
and i find some gloves....
heh. may (or you may not) note
that most of these authors
are canadian...
i don't know why, i never plan it,
but i am inexplicably drawn to canadian
authors just by the cover alone...
i don' t seach them out,
they just find me...
i'm ok with that.