i didn't forget....

blue dog tagged me
with an AW meme and
i didn't forget...
i just needed the time and space to think about it
with no further ado...
here it is:

four wishes, dreams and desires?
1. good health, happiness and adventure for my family
2. i wish that i could find that "thing" that i want to do...
that elusive "thing" that would be my career but
not suck the life out of me as my current career does
3. access to simple things that i never want to take for granted;
interesting and satisfying conversations, good books, cold
diet coke, internet access, tickle fights on the couch...that
kind of thing.
4. ummmm....a hundred more wishes???? heehee

four imaginary lives?
1. author of children's books
2. owner of cool and whimsical candy store that would
miraculously stay open whether or not we made any
3. photographer of children and/or weddings
4. perpetual student

four things i should change?
1. how i look after myself...i should eat better, exercise more
and drink less diet coke!
2. downplaying what i can do
3. moaning about how i hate my job and DO something about
it instead
4. procrastination

four people i admire?
1. as lame as it sounds, my husband...he is just so damned
capable...build a shelf, renovate a house, do the plumbing,
wire the stove, fix the computer, fix the car, deal with
people, be a great father, and still remember all the
little details of things i say or like...he knows me unlike
anyone else i have ever known...
2. margaret atwood...she writes the kind of books i would
love to write...i always relate to her...i always find myself
in her words.
3. my husband's cousin hailey...she is an amazing artist.
4. mary engelbreit...works in art and magazines...sigh

four things i like about the artists way?
1. i like how it is set up into weeks and it seems very "do-able"
2. i like the quotes on the side of the pages.
3. i like the introspection.
4. i actually do like the morning pages.

four things i still hope to get out of the artists way?
1. a tidal wave of creativity
2. more self confidence in myself in this area of my life
3. less second-guessing myself
4. connections to community of like-minded people

i won't tag because i don't know who has and who hasn't
but if you haven't,
why don'tcha?
and thanks to blue dog for the tag.