my sister in law is teaching
english is korea...
she sent us a box of goodies
for christmas
and we just received them this week...

these above are the coolest,
(well, the warmest, i guess...technically)
they have a gel inside them
and a little metal disc that you bend
and poof!
they get warm and you put 'em in your mitts
(if you are my daughter)
(if you are me, you would be more likely to put 'em
in your socks)
my own personal haul
hurrah for the socks...holy-sweet-softness!
like walking on little puffy pillows...
and the stripey slippers...i adore them...
and glitter glue AND glitter pens...
she knows me well

ten's socks and cool marker and hand warmers
i just adore the illustrations and the colors
and could NOT get enough of them...

i could have also shown you six's treasures,
but he is too fast for me...
he is mainly just a noisy, entertaining, talkative blur
most of the time...