speaking volumes...

i just wrote my morning pages and a big
theme today is "what do i want to do
with my life" yet again...

i met with my instructors from my early childhood
education course today and a big theme
of the conversation revolved around,
(you guessed it)
"what does geekgirl want to be
when she grows up"

then i read simple abundance tonight
and it spoke volumes to me...

"Today take a real risk that can change your life:
start thinking of yourself as an artist and your
life as a work-in-progress. Works-in-progress
are never perfect. But changes can be made
to the rough draft during rewrites. Another
color can be added to the canvas. The film
can be tightened during editing. Art evolves.
So does life. Art is never stagnant. Neither
is life. The beautiful, authentic life you are
creating for yourself and those you love is
your art. It's the highest art. "Since you are
like no other being ever created since the
beginning of time, you are incomparable,"
writer Brenda Ueland reminds you."

what i have taken from this
is that i should not be hard on myself
for not knowing what i want to do...
i should be happy that i am fluid
and open-minded and full of ideas...
i should be looking at it as a positive
rather than a negative...
and then,
i should be acting on some of those ideas.