i have been reading simple abundance
along with doing the artist way book...
and it is funny to me the same themes are showing up
but framed in a different light...

AW has morning pages,
SA has inner dialogue done in stream of consciousness
(which is how i do morning pages also)

AW has artist dates,
SA has a list of suggestions at the back of each month
of things that you can do during the month...
i have been using some of these suggestions
as my artists dates.

AW had the reading deprivation week,
SA suggests going a day without reading or watching tv...
the whole idea in SA or how i interpreted it
was to stop listening to the opinions of others
(whether it be news or tv or newspapers or gossip columns)
so that you could listen more deeply
to yourself and find your own opinions on things.
When i thought about this concept, i realized how
much of an on-the-fence person i can be sometimes...
how i can be not so much a black or white but

i guess what i am saying in a round-about way
is that i am enjoying reading simple abundance
along with artist's way...they compliment each other nicely...
they play well together...
and in my line of work, i'm always looking for
people that play well together...

i had one other little synchronicity that i thought
was interesting enough to note...
when i was in grade five, we knew that we were
going to get a certain teacher for grade six.
we dreaded it.
we wrote a petition at the end of grade five
to convince the powers-that-be to let us continue
on our educational path with the teacher we
currently had.
we could hear our prospective teacher yelling at his
students daily and knew that he was very cross.
he would also be our first male teacher.
we were terrified.

but we had him for grade six, despite our best efforts not to
and, as it turned out, he was the best teacher i ever had.

i told him that one day in the mall where i worked.
he didn't remember me because alzheimers had begun to set in
but i felt good because i got to tell him.
he died a couple of years later.

yesterday i picked up a peter gzowski book at
the used bookstore and debated whether or not
to buy it...i opened the front cover
and there was his name...
as the previous owner...

i bought the book.