you asked for it...

blue dog asked what our journals look like...
what do we write in?

and that inspired me.

these are journals kept from 1990 until about 2002...
they start with being engaged to high-school-first-ever-boyfriend
(on my nineteenth birthday, no less)
and continue through all the angst and
drunken downward spirals that soon followed suit.

this is written
on the inside cover of every one of them.

this is my current journal...

i wondered what to call these?
they are ideas, snippets, moments,
quotes, inspirations...
they are my "strive-to-be-a-better"
you fill in the blank
kind of books...

these are books of lists...
lists of what i want to read,
what i want to know more about,
movies i want to see,
music i want to try,
books that MUST be bought,
that sort of thing...

i started the spiderman one while
pregnant and living at my parent's house
instead of being in university
(which is where i was when i got pregnant...)
living at my parents house while
the father-to-be-and-eventual-husband
was in jail...
but thats a whole different story.

this is the book that i draw, doodle
and daydream in...cut and paste...
color and scribble...lost in myself.

these are the journals i keep of my children...
their funny stories, the heartbreaking stories,
the milestones, the worries...
as a sidenote, the picture on supergrover's knee
is of my mom and me as a baby...
(and i also just noticed that i caught the
which is the window trim,
with the drywall showing...

its funny how as i took these pictures
and wrote this out
i realized how writing
my life...
it is how i have always dealt.
it is how i still deal.
in ink.