monday morning...

first of all..i wanted to say thank you to everyone
and anyone who sent me such warm and kind and helpful
comments on my last gave me much support
and much to ponder and think about and consider...
it meant alot to me.

i used the morning pages over that week to ask myself
some serious questions and to see what would "come out"
and to my surprise...i made a realization that i hadn't really
thought of before...
i had always connected my childhood to my bitter indifference
towards religion and faith but what i suddenly realized is that
the connection did not involve "God" in any way. I was
bitter about circumstances and judgements and adult
behaviors and unfair expectations...God really had nothing
to do with any of that...

i felt lighter after writing that.

on another unrelated note, my husband finished the upper
shelving for our new computer desks...i LOVE them...
and found some cute little storage bins on sale for next
to nothing, so i grabbed them for my shelf...

sorry the pictures are so dark...bad lighting the last couple of
days...and it doesn't help that my same husband who made
such beautiful shelves also felt the need to hang a skirt
of mine up in the window as a curtain so he could play
soldier of fortune without sunlight shining on his screen.

we're styling.