doin' the happy dance...

the mailman came today
and at first, i thought it was just my book order
(which was fairly exciting as well)
but you cannot even imagine my
when i realized it was not my book order
but a package from liz elayne
a package

i know this picture is dark
as all my pictures always are...
but this is what it looked like
still wrapped in adorable green and white polka dotted tissue paper
and tied with purple ribbons
(only my favorite color!)

this is the card and the coolest cds...
i can't wait to give them a spin
the cases were adorable

and the paper...
oh, the delicious cuteness of the paper
some of it textured
some it sewn..

jumbo crayons
coloring books
for me...
for me...
i cannot wait...
this is the perfect thing for me to do
while the kids are occupied
but could meltdown in any moment,
i can leave it without losing where i am
and yet, still feel as if i am doing something creative...

a close up of one of the coloring books...
i just adore that frog,
and the monkey..
how cute is that...
i was thinking i might even try my hand
at embroidery and
these would be cool patterns to try to do...

liz elayne,
i cannot tell you how much you made my thursday!
when the kids were screaming, crying,
fighting, whining, picking their nose, sticking their fingers
in each other eyes, and generally trying to drive me
those few last miles to "round the bend",
all i had to do was look over
and see that package sitting there...
and it made it all

thanks again...
i hope you enjoy your cd as much
as i enjoyed mine