more downs than ups...

i am done
of the baby blanket
that i have been slaving
over for the last month, at least.

and i have to say
i'm a little disappointed.
it looks kind of, well, sort of
crooked to me
and its a hell of a lot smaller
than i thought it was going to be.
in hindsight,
(damn that hindsight)
i should have kept going...
should have gotten another ball
and kept on knitting...

it is what it is
and i will know the next time.

i had a hard time getting any pictures
because of the dark dreary day
(edit: i got a little bit of a better one today...)

other downs instead of ups?
no school because of impending freezing rain storm
which has yet to happen...normally, a no school day
would be great
but not when it means you are adding 3 extra kids
to the mix...

the mailman came with a package,
but it wasn't for me.

the ups guy had a package,
for the people next door.

i'm waiting for books to come from
doubleday...crafting books...i'm so excited...