heh...wouldn't it be funny if...


wouldn't it be funny if someone
had a spring-like resurgence of, um, interest
in their signifigant other
and to celebrate that
this person decided to buy some
new..um...underthings...to go
along with the resurgence...

(in her defence, she really needed
some anyway!)

and suppose this person found the
perfect thing...very little girl like
innocent and sweet and yet
very flimsy and not something you
would take with you if you had to
go and stay overnight at the hospital...

and suppose said unmentionables
were the cutest pale purple and light lime-green
and on sale for 2 for 20.00
(actually...they were ten dollars each but
this person likes the sound of 2 for 20 better...)
so this girl that i am telling you about
decided to buy both the purple and the green.

and oh yeah...
they even came on these cutesy little hangers,
covered in the same fabric and little bows and whatnot.

and wouldn't it be funny if when that girl
(who was kind of shy and modest and quiet...and modest)
was taking said flimsy yet innocent unmentionables
up to the cash and the only cash open
has a (what seems like) 15 year old boy working the register.

and suppose said 15 year old boy with acne did not notice
that the girl had the unmentionables all balled up
with only the price tags sticking out so he could scan them
and instead he starts fumbling around trying to take them
off the hanger (THATCOMESWITHTHEM) while
six people are in line behind her watching her
blush and mutter "the hangers come..leave them on the hangers"
as he croaks in his puberty cracked voice, holding up the
flimsy scrap of thong-like-once-innocent-looking-but-
now-just-screaming-pervert "oh...the hangers
come with this???"

wouldn't that be funny if that happened to someone...