where i have been hanging out on a poetry thursday..

i have changed my workspace around some.
i painted a bulletin board.
i painted a chair.

i am really happy now when i am working there.

this is something i wrote a long time ago
while still feeling some residual echoes of
what it was like to live with someone who
acted like they hated you
but whispered
that they loved you.

alcohol numbs the
noise raging in my brain
allows me to focus
on the subject in question
rather than the terrain.
you broke my heart-
you can't break me.
i am a monster of your creation but
you will never contain me
(nor will you hope to)
honest in your fear of my liberty
(truth belittles your insincere show of honesty)
yet i lack the conviction to ignore your hostility
seeing what your underlying
has done to me.

so tragic in my honesty,
i lack simplicity.

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