time out.

i have been having a hard time
getting to the computer lately.

between putting in a garden
and starting a new "career"
and wondering if i should go back to the bookstore
(is the money going to be worth the tension
and hassle it will cause to work out of the home
on weeknights and saturdays? i'm not so sure anymore)

between finishing secret life of bees
(and loving it!) and starting the english patient...
between not wanting to miss the winding down
(or up depending how you look at it)
of the apprentice and the amazing race...

between mothers day and new baby gifts,
a broken down jeep
and walks to the park on beautifully sunny days...

between two sick kids...one fevered, the other
coughing all night...
and trying the "gym" curves for the first time
and trying to fit in some pilates videos at home...

i have had a hard time getting here...
please bear with me.