i have a crush.

this is going to sound
completely odd
and bizarre
and silly
i've never let that hinder me before.

i am totally crushing
on my life right now.

i really don't know how else to explain it.

all day, the chorus in my head,
is singing "i love my life i love my life
i love my life (big finish!) RIGHTNOWWWWWWW".

sounds pretty lame actually
now that i type it out...

here's the thing.
over the last three years
i went from doing a job i really liked,
to sort-of liked,
to kinda-of sort-of liked,
to considering-sawing-at-my-wrists-with-
a-dull-and-rusty-butter-knife as a funner way
to spend my day.

and now.
now i look after one child who may have been
diagnosed with autism but he is the sweetest,
kindest, funniest, smartest, cutest little guy...
and it helps that i have had him in my care
for the whole three years...
other children have come and gone and come again,
but this little guy has been ever present in my home
and in my family....

so yeah...
one child instead of the plethora of preschoolers i did have.
and my husband thinks
(and i would be commit-able if i did not agree)
that since he is starting a new business
which has the potential to be very lucrative,
that we will forego the retail job that would take
up 3 nights a week and cause much stress for little money.

instead, he said, "i'll get the stuff and transform the
upstairs of my workshop into one for you...with an
air-nailer, chopsaw (heh, i foresee alot of painfully funny
stories arising from that)(get it..painfully funny), huge desks,

lots of storage,
and you can make things to sell if thats what you
really want to do"

do i? do i? heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee DO I!!!!
i am so excited.
i can't even begin to tell you how excited i am.

i have so much time now
and so little stress...
(which works much better as an equation...
backwards, it was not so much fun)

i have started putting in a huge garden.
i am going to scrape the paint off the house
so we can stain it "navajo red" which
i seen on someone elses house and fell so much
in love with it that i had to go knock on their door
and request the name of the color...
i am literally vibrating with ideas and excitement
and anticipation...
bring the summer on, i'm ready!

oh...and one more thing...regarding the amazing race...
go hippies!!!!!!!!!!

oh...and yeah...sunday scribbles...its over here...
and here...