i'll have a poetry thursday/grateful friday combo, please...

first of all,
a generous helping of poetry thursday...

this will take you to
the first poem
i ever fell in love with.

i was in grade 5 or 6.
this poem was in one of texts
that we didn't have to read
but being the geek that i am proud to be,
i usually read all of my literature-type texts
from cover to cover...

i used to sit on the floor in the upstairs hallway
and read this out loud
in the most dramatic of voices.
in my head, i still read it the same way.

and finally, some gratitude for a
sweet dessert--
  • a new mary engelbreit magazine waiting to be read
  • my mom's confirmation that what i wrote in her
    mother's day card did indeed make her cry a little
    (mission accomplished, heh heh)*
  • canned diet coke
  • the hippies won!!!!
  • mojo lost (heeheeheehee)(i despised mojo)
  • this version of somewhere over the rainbow,
    thank you, liz, for sharing this :)
  • freezie season!!!
  • the freedom to stay home guilt-free which i
    have already gushed about
  • memoirs of a geisha, which i watched last night
    and loved...i could not stop staring at the main
    character, she was that beautiful.
*just to clarify...i love my mom...i didn't make her cry
out of spite...just out of sweetness...heehee