an explanation.

i didn't do poetry thursday this week.
i thought about it...
i contemplated it...
and i realized
i don't really
that much about food...
i mean, i do,
but i also don't.

i like what other people write and say
and portray
about food...
i have just never, ever written anything
about it and honestly could not
pull anything up that felt real to me
when i tried...

a picture of string beans straight from my garden
and an apology for the upcoming dark pictures...
it is cloudy here and heh, whatever,
they are ALWAYS dark anyway...
its not the camera, or the clouds, its me

i'm borrowing acumamakiki's usual
friday i'm in love idea
(because it is also something i love)
for today...

--my husband bought me this

i have wanted an mp3 player forever
and am hoping this will inspire more
voluntary exercise on my part...heh.

--my sister in law dropped off these books
for me yesterday which i can start reading
as soon as i finish the last 20 or so pages
of 100 years of solitude
--the aforementioned but now loving even more stella panacci cd

--this site that saltwater princess/bridget recommended and that i
was subsequently lost in for hours the other night...

--surprising myself by giving this movie a chance and liking it...
mainly because of this character...

--the fact that i just found out they are making a movie for one
of my favorite kids books, "bridge to terabithia" and my new
favorite actress is in it!

--a new magazine in the mailbox

--a picture that i don't cringe when i look at...heh...