just a kid swappy goodness...

i joined a swap called "just a kid"
and the idea was to send fun stuff,
toys, candy, etc
plus stuff the other person was interested in...
i received mine yesterday
from the brilliant mary ann
at follow your bliss

here is a shot of the pretty stamps
that were decorating the package,
and below, the cool set of vintage golden books
which i adore
and have been able to put to immediate use
below is some of mary ann's art which is rich
and gorgeous and my pathetic photography does not
capture the way it truly should...

the candy.......
i am now well addicted to jelly bellys...

and the toys!
games and bubbles and jelly-like yoyos
and slinkys and a car shaped deck of cards...
so much fun!

i only hope that mary ann will be as happy with what
comes in her mailbox, as i was with what came in mine!
so much fun!