friday and i am so in love!

so much going on!
but first,
a package from the sweet daisies
who offered to send me some
organic colored yarn
on the condition that i would bring
some of the stuff i made
to see if it would sell at a local
craft store
(i have yet to hold up my end,
bad geek girl, bad)
i love that brown...and the green is serene...and the white...ack!!
and an ugly doll, i am hooking him to my car keys!!!
and the prettiest of cards....
thank you so much, daisies, now i will work on getting something to you
in return and on keeping my end of the deal...

what else am i loving?

well...this one is kind of bittersweet.
i have decided to stop the childcare/IBI therapy part of my life.
for the first time in about 5 years, i am going to work full time
outside of my home...
i am excited about this, the job is in a showroom for kitchen
and bath products, a very beautiful showroom with lots
of light and gorgeous floors and displays...i am excited
to be working with adults again and to be able to dress up
without worrying about paint/food/snot/vomit/etc.

however, it also means letting go of the child that i
have had in my care since i opened five years ago.
and this is not easy. but we are going to make sure
that he still has a place in our lives .

other things i am loving?
-did you see grey's anatomy last night? alex! gah!
-did you see the preview for next week's grey's? ack! two hours!
-and not to make it seem like all i do is watch tv, but
does anyone else watch brothers and sisters? and the preview for this week!
-new shoes...ballet flats in black and in blue...
-finished reading the kite runner...a book so worth the hype...
-tiny purple flowers showing up unexpected on the lawn
-seven learned to ride a bike with the incentive of ten dollars