the blurred week

this week has flown by
for me in a total
blur of commitments,
appointments, phone calls,
hospital visits, work, work
and work....

my new job is fantastic but
very busy....once i have truly
"caught on", it won't feel so
manic i'm sure, but for right now...
it does.

my brother and sister-in-law
had their third baby, finally a girl!
hannah lily, isn't that the cutest?

we held an "art gallery" as a fundraiser
for our children's elementary school
and it went over smashingly...
we are hoping to have it be an annual

that's my week in a nutshell
and that is my reason for not being around
or getting to read any of my favorite blogs...
soon this will calm down...i'm sure of it.

have a good weekend
(ours is calling for flurries? what the???)