whoops...this has been edited to explain
that today, unfortunately, is not my birthday.
i only said that i was 36 at the beginning of this
post in order to point out how damned old i am
to be finally hitting this normally 16-year-old
acheivement....heehee...sorry for the confusion

i am 36 years old.
i have done the written test
for my driver's license
every year since i turned sixteen.

i have never done the actual driver's test.

until today.

and he passed me.
he really really passed me.
even though i sat at two red lights
that i knew i could turn right on
but froze.

even though my backing up
was nothing short of
and i had a
stress induced giggle fit
in the middle of
said backing up experience.


it seems very surreal at the moment.
like yeah, ok, i have this
but that doesn't mean that i can really
go out and get in the car and drive somewhere
by myself, right???