puppy love

i don't usually post about my dog.
i am not a pet person.
i hold nothing against people
who are pet people,
i am just not one of them.
i sometimes think that when
they were handing out
whatever it is that makes you
melt when you see an animal,
i made a mistake and
got into the
"awwww...what a cute baby"
line twice.

but when i saw our mongrel dog
on the chair all curled up
with a teddy bear,
i'll admit,
i felt an "awwwwww" moment.

and these socks
in this way dark picture
are the socks that i knit...
really just knit tubes...
no heel or anything too complicated...
no knitting in the round.
pretty in pink though.

speaking of...
(eighties movies, that is)
(how's that for a segue)
i finished reading the outsiders
to seven and eleven
and last night
we all watched the movie.
it was so much fun,
they were so excited to point out
two-bit and dally and soda
and point out scenes added
and deleted.

i love the age the kids are at
right now.
but now, what to read them next??