friday i'm in love!

it is funny
how all summer
i felt like maybe i had exhausted my blog
and had nothing left to say
but then september came
and suddenly,
i am foaming at the mouth
to get back on here...
wanting to talk about things
i have read, i have heard, i have watched...

it's a good feeling.

and an equally good feeling
is the "good-mail-day" feeling...

not so long ago,
i made a guess at the number of buttons
in a jar on one of my favorite blogs...
a pitiful guess, but a guess nonetheless.

i didn't guess right,
but i did win a prize though...
for this
"And, I have decided that the person who guessed the smallest amount, a number that just had me giggling a bit, also wins a prize. And yes, my dear, that would be you gk girl."


and then,
this came! i am so in love...with the colors, the inside pocket,
the cutecutecute fabric! and squeeeee! a cute little notebook
tucked inside!

and a little teaser of liz's beeeeeautiful card...because i think she hinted
to them but has not blogged them yet and i don't want to take that away from her,
but it was just too scrummy to leave out of the shot!

thanks liz! i love it!