i cried.

these are the last pictures that i will
have to take with my sucky but trusty-easy-compact
kodak easyshare.

for my birthday,
my husband bought me this
fuji finepix s700
(and i feel like a bit of a fraud for
even naming this camera because
it makes me sound like i know something about it...
which i don't)
(but hope to)

i was so excited
that i cried a little.

we never make a big deal out of birthdays
or gifts or anniversaries...
we just do what we can at the time...
but this...

and generally,
he can never surprise me.

but this...

this was a surprise
of the best kind.

on sunday, we just packed the kids up and drove...
down dirt roads and over wooden bridges
through brambled-over paths
and on hidden shorelines
just so i could use the camera....

i am so in love.
(and i am not necessarily talking about the camera)
(although, the camera is loved also)