copycatting my own version of saturday love

i have seen a meme floating around
on many of my favorite blogs
and have been intending to do a friday i'm in love
post for awhile
so decided to incorporate....

(with a few photos interspersed...
cause the new camera is still one of my new loves
after all.)

i have been loving this by one of my all time favorite
authors...she has been rumored to be a force to be
reckoned with but really, i think the interviewer
was asking for it in this one.

this sweater song, the bittersweet possibility of a new
(and last) album by this band, still loving this song (thanks
to bridget)

this sweater (and this girl's blog)(and this girl)

i am so excited about this and this and so definitely this!

i want to read this book, and this...and maybe this...and own this.

and i have been absorbed by her photos and words, her stunning
pictures and thoughts, her story, her insight, and her strength
and determination and the words of these women...

that is a lot of linkage!